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Simple ways to beat social media addiction

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Technology has in many ways made our lives much easier. But these technologies have their dark sides. Technology addiction has become a ‘disorder’ to both young and adult people. It occurs when one has a compulsive need to use devices like smartphones, computers and video games and it’s more common among teens, though it’s also increasing among adults.

People get this obsessive behaviour because they focus more on their gadgets than other personal or professional activities. Internet addiction, social media addiction and sexual content addiction, among others, make one a tech addict.
Here, we look at a few easy ways on how to overcome it:

Acknowledge: Admit that you are at risk of an addiction. Though it’s hard, but it’s the first most important step to start with in order to change. When a person gets to realise his actions, accept them then altering them will be less challenging. Addiction is so called because it is difficult to break it but accepting it will make a good way for you to adjust.

Limit social media use: Inflict limits of the amount of time you spend in social media. Stop being always available without a purpose so avoid aimless browsing and give yourself a reason to be online like catching up on news of the day. Let others know you are hibernating from being online and as time passes by you will find your urge to be online is no more. You can also use an alarm clock or timer to set time so as to limit yourself while using tech.

Position your obligations top: Make your duties the first priority over using tech. If you are a professional put your job first and if you are a student then study and do home works instead of being online 24/7. Make sure you do all your commitment before using technology.

Hangout: Set phone-free zone and time; go to your favourite spot either with friends or alone. When hanging out with friend or family completely burn tech using.


Set aside reading time: Instead of being into computer or phone the entire time grab a notepad and a book, and start reading. As you develop a reading culture you will find yourself drawing away from using tech.

Stop web searching for everything: Learn moderation on what you want to search. If you want to know something consult with other people like friends. Do not run into web.

Call instead of texting: Texting is something that will make you sink more in tech using, avoid texting and start calling. Put away your phone after calling and do other activities.

Create projects: Make tasks for yourself such as healthy physical activities that you will be doing before you pull into your tab, phone or computer. Outdoor activities instead of using technology.

You can control addiction and as John J O’Neill, Director of Addictions Services for Menninger Clinic in Houston once said. “The first thing to do is take a long, hard look at how you are using technologies, and then start to set some limits.”

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ZAINABU NURUhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Zainabu Nuru is a communications student at Laikipia University.
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