The wife of the late Assistant Minister for Internal Security Mary Ojode has challenged journalists to filter the words they disseminate in the media especially when reporting news about death.

Speaking during the burial of her husband at Unga Farm in Ndhiwa Constituency, she said that the media had already reported of the deaths before the family received any official government communication which did not give her time to inform her son Andrew Ojode who studies in the United Kingdom.

Narrating the ordeal, she said that she was informed of the death by a friend who said that her husband could have been involved in a plane crash and immediately called her son’s friend in the United Kingdom to be with him.

“Andy is always watching news; the sad thing is that by the time they got there, he was staring at it on the screen. I hadn’t been officially informed and he didn’t know, he just saw on the screen that his father had died in a plane crash. It was very unfortunate,” she said.

“I know that we have our journalists here and here I wish they would be more sensitive so that we are able to take care of our children. But I thank God that Andy knows God and he handled it well,” she added.

She urged the members of Ndhiwa constituency to choose a leader who can pick the mantle from where Ojode had left it and keep up with the good work that he had done for the Ndhiwa constituency and the whole country at large.

“I request members of Ndhiwa constituency, we all have lost and I ask that when the time comes for you to choose a leader think of where Joshua has taken you from and choose somebody that can continue with the beautiful good work that he has done, not only for Ndhiwa but for the nation as a whole,” she said.

Many political leaders from the political divide heaped praise on the fallen hero urging Kenyans to remain peaceful as the campaigns reach fever pitch.


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