It's no easy task to convince authorities that you need to be armed.

Getting a licenced f*****m in Kenya is a long process which involves:

  1. Filling in an application from the Chief Licensing Officer at the F******s Bureau located at the Nairobi Area Station.
  2. Having fingerprints taken and obtaining a Certificate of Good Conduct from the Directorate of C******l Investigations.
  3. Submitting a duly filed form to the police station nearest of the applicant’s residence.
  4. Vetting of the application by the District Security Intelligence Committee and County Security Committee before rejection or approval.
  5. The list of those vetted and cleared for consideration to be licensed g*n holders is then forwarded to the Inspector General of Police, who has the final say to instruct the Chief Licensing Officer to clear the

Misuse of a f*****m can trigger the withdrawal of the licence or even lead to p*********n. The clearance process was recently reviewed after it emerged that some officers were issuing fake certificates in return for kickbacks. All g*n holders were asked to surrender their certificates for scrutiny.



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