Even as the Nairobi County experiences sunny intervals today and tomorrow, the Meteorological Department has said that it will experience morning rains and afternoon showers from Thursday to Saturday.

Mary Kilavi, County Director of Meteorological Service, while giving the forecast for the period 6th to 12th October, said the rains are however expected to be of moderate intensity and should mark the onset of the short rains season.

Kilavi noted that last week’s forecast  for the period 28th to 4th  was  hot and dry but there was a gradual increase in cloud cover causing a decrease in day time temperatures and an increase in night time temperatures as the period progressed.

“No rainfall was observed in any of the meteorological stations throughout the county  the whole of last week during the review period though some rain clouds (cumulonimbus) were observed at some of the stations on some days.

Kilavi noted however that other parts of the country have recorded significant amounts of rainfall. The Meteorological Department issued early warning  that the country will experience heavy rains in the period of October to December 2015 warning  residents to be prepared.

Meanwhile, The National  D******r Operations Centre (NDOC) says  that according to the outlook of the rains, Nairobi among  other counties   in Central Kenya, Eastern and Machakos areas are likely to receive above-normal rainfall. Director of NDOC Col (Rtd)  Nathan Kigotho has said that many sectors are likely to be impacted both positively and negatively.

“National state organs held a meeting  last month and developed strategies to minimize the negative effects of the phenomenon while at the same time maximizing  on positive  impact of the abundant rains,” he said.

He called upon farmers to double their efforts to reap maximum benefit from the good conditions for both food crops and cash crops during this time as it will boost food security. The Director notably named Eastern and Northern parts of the country where rain is usually minimal saying after  the October – December rainfall season food security will improve significantly.

He on the other hand said challenges such as flash floods in flood prone areas , infrastructure damanges and impassable roads , enhanced water levels in the rivers like Athi, Tana, Nyando, among areas may affect market access, growth of crops or may even wash away crops in the seedbeds. Kigotho  has called on county governments to help in community sensitization and participation  through early warning and preparedness activities  through  coordination forums.

“Implementing community based flood early warning systems  should be undertaken in all areas prone to floods, and so far  E********n drill and community based flood hazard map has been undertaken in Isiolo, Taveta, Nyando  and Nzoia,” he said.

Kigotho named sectors such as health, fisheries , livestock,  water  and agriculture as some of the areas that though can have positive  results because of the rains,.


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