ALEPPO, Syria, Feb. 10 (Xinhua) — Young Talek could never have imaged he would lie in a hospital bed badly i*****d, when he went out to buy Arabic bread on a warm and sunny morning. Despite the eleven-month old turmoil, Syria’s northern city of Aleppo where Ahmed lives had remained largely peaceful until two strong b****s rattled the city on Friday, claiming at least 28 lives and wounding another 235.

“I saw a black vehicle carrying a plate of Idlib province run into the m******y intelligence building before I was hurt by e*******n,” Ahmed told reporters, while his mother was weeping by his bedside. He was referring to the b***t that hit the M******y Intelligence Directorate in the New Aleppo area.

When the e*******n occurred, groups of children were having picnic with their families in a nearby park. Talek’s description on the black vehicle could not be independently verified. Xinhua reporters saw the outer and interior of the building totally destroyed, with all windows shattered, fragments of furniture and stationery scattering on the ground and posters of President B*************d still hanging on the blackened wall.

With the road leading to the b***t site shut down by the police, s***************e teams were busy clearing the debris and searching for bodies and possible lives. The second b***t hit the headquarters of law-enforcement force in densely-populated Arkoub neighborhood, 8 km from the intelligence building, flattening a police parking lot and destroying almost all cars there.

An unnamed government source told Xinhua that a 24-seat white bus loaded with 300 kg e********s ran into the parking lot and caused the b***t. Xinhua reporters saw a three-meter wide and two-meter deep crater at the scene. The b***d-stained ground was dotted with helmets and police batons. A charred bus could also be seen, with series of g******s clearly heard from not afar.

The state-run al-Razi hospital was crowded with i*****d people, while citizens of Aleppo rushed to donate their b***d after hearing the sad news. Syrian Minister of Health Wael al-Halki said the toll is poised to rise due to the c****************n of some of the i*****d, adding the ministry has a strategic storage of medicine necessary for e*******y cases, according to the official SANA news agency.

No one has claimed responsibility so far, but the government blamed the b****s on a***d groups backed by foreign plots, and a research is underway. The b****s were the first to hit Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city and economic hub, which has been relatively calm since the anti-government movement erupted in mid-March last year. The Syrian government said more than 2,000 army and security personnel have been k****d during the months-long unrest, while the United Nations put the d***h toll in the country at more than 5,400. (Xinhua)


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