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7 betting tips you must know ahead of the next game

Millions of people follow different sports and a huge chunk of the population now sees a monetary prize attached to sports, thanks to the overwhelming rise of sports betting firms and casinos all over the world. Gambling by its very nature is a risk-ridden adventure to try making your money.

However, there is a thin line separating the success and failure of a gambler. Sandwiched between knowledge and luck, at times extending to passion. Ideally, on a bad day, you will get it all wrong, fast forward. Thus benefiting bookmakers, who occasionally carry the day on a three-quarter basis.

How you make the most of your bets, betting operator notwithstanding, is the headache.  We spoke to Betradar, one of the topmost betting software providers in the world and sampled these steps.

1. The favourite doesn’t always win: Not every day is the same. The teams favoured by the bookmakers will not always win, so it is imperative to do a lot of research on particular matches and know the current state of the teams playing. In any event, the highly favoured team could as well be properly beaten. “It is a combination of knowledge and understanding of one game at a time, do your research first,” said Joseph Solosky, Key Accountant, Betradar.

2.Intuition works:  What you consider likely from your instinctive feelings works better in this field. Looking at the matches and clicking on the matches you feel would occasionally work as opposed to reading and reading about them. “Sometimes those who randomly pick teams win much more than the experts. It has been tried and tested,” Joseph said.

3. Leave your heart out of the game: “The only people who win at betting shops do not place bets on their own teams,” he said. Adding that ‘the moment you want your team to win, it could fail you.’ This means that gamers should put their money on other teams thus reducing pressure.

4. Know your Sport: The ability to learn the game and place a bet on it depends on your understanding of a particular game. It is almost impossible to make money of what you have no idea about. Follow your sport closely.

5. Shop around different sites:  There are over 30 bookmakers in the Kenyan betting market. All of which offer different packages. By visiting a number of them, you would be in a position to find the variant factor and make a correct decision. “Spend hours going through the sites and pick your most favorite, you could win,” says Joseph.

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 6.Be Obedient: Being obedient with yourself keeps you off unnecessary illusion. You could be obedient to your own club or a team in your hood, it will one time pay just like any Leicester City fan who placed a bet on the fairy tale. Obedience also helps reduce the spendthrift nature of gamblers and make them accountable to what they make in return.

 7. Eradicate addiction as much as you can: Probably two contradicting reasons why you are addicted to betting is because you lose so badly or win a few shillings on a day. But if you want to win good money in the game, control it. “The addictive trigger mechanism in your brain will make you bet all the time. But successful gamblers are not addicted, we are trying as much as we can to avoid addicts form the market,” said Joseph.

It is, however, important to note that everyone would have both bad and good days. Gamblers are often advised to only put what they are ready to lose and when things get haywire, it’s crucial to quit.

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