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Radio Africa HR manager in trouble for calling sacked employees fools

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Radio Africa Group Human Resources Manager Kathy Kageni-Oganga.

As if getting fired was not painful enough, Radio Africa Group Human Resources manager Kathy Kageni-Oganga did the unthinkable this morning and abused former employees who were retrenched this week, calling them fools and getting egg all over her face.

Ms Kageni went into an outburst on Facebook lacking decency and sensitivity for the traumatized people in response to claims doing rounds that the management of Radio Africa had fired some employees without even consulting their immediate bosses.

“Anyone who believes that their bosses did not know they were being fired is a fool!” she said, as the company continued its retrenchment exercise hoped to cut its expenses and stimulate growth in revenues.

She went on to blast the bosses alleging that they had not participated in picking those to be fired and on this again, she did not mince her words.

“No boss ever fires people without their boss’ consent,” she added. “And any boss who pretends not to know their staff was being fired has no business being a boss; you must have risen on hot air and that never lasts.”

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She accused them of being hypocrites. And had some advice for them: “Being a leader requires a level of maturity that includes taking responsibility, sometimes for the mistake of another.  When you recommend people to be fired then deny it, it means your motives were not right in the first place.”

The post that was pulled down after a short while.

Ms Kageni was forced by management to pull down the post, which has soiled the company’s image and the issue is being handled by management.

It is not clear whether she has apologized for the disparaging remarks or if any disciplinary action will be taken against her, but the action has raised a lot of questions about her integrity and ability to manage criticism as a HR manager.

The company is sacking about 90 workers. There has been grumbling among line managers at Radio Africa that the management, led by HR, had unilaterally earmarked people for sacking, in the process pushing out better talent than some of those retained.


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  1. So at what point did she call the sacked fellows fools???? Yet another sample of matiangi D class students pretending to be reporters……..


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