East African Portland Cement Company (EAPCC) is set to upgrade its main plant in Athi River to improve efficiency. The project will cost Ksh1 billion, according to the company’s head of production, Joseph Kombo.

“In the packing plant, we are upgrading the mechanical and electrical components of the packers as well as improving the bag conveying system all geared towards improved loading process and quick turnaround, thus ensuring customer satisfaction,” he said.

The upgrade has seen the company’s Athi River plant suspend operations for six weeks, up from the usual three, due to the wide scope of the project. “We are installing a bag house to replace the electronic precipitators, retrofitting the raw-mill gear box, replacing three sections of the cement kiln shell and installing a radio link into the raw material handling sections, among others,” said Mr Kombo.

EAPCC is aims at improving reliability, increasing production, and improving efficiency in terms of energy consumption. The bag house will ensure reduced emissions from the plant to insignificant levels to comply with international standards of emissions.

“This upgrade will give us a competitive advantage and ensure customer satisfaction, not to mention the cost containment as the plant becomes more efficient,” he added.


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