Mandela: What’s BBC up to?

The BBC website is known for breaking news and publishing some of the most insightful stories in the world. Today, it was at it again – being among the first to break the news of former South African President being h**********d because of abdominal pain.

The website’s editor, however, went ahead and included back-up stories on the Life and Times of Mandela and a timeline of his life. This, while it gives good information, sounds like an obituary of man who has just been h**********d and f******g for his life.

BBC just k****d Mandela.

 Even if the illness were serious, we in Africa are very conservative when it comes to matters of d***h. Mandela is a global icon and media should be more careful and sensitive when reporting on his illness and life. The BBC owes Africa an apology for this recklessness and failing to read our mood and cultural trends.


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