Luo Council of Elders (LCE) and religious leaders from Nyanza region want to be among those who will welcome President Barrack Obama when he comes to Kenya in July this year.

LCE members led by the chairman, Willis Opiyo Tondi and religious leaders by Rev. Ogonyo Ngede, said they will write to the USA Ambassador to Kenya, asking to be included in the welcome programme.

Speaking at a meeting held at the home of Sarah Obama, the step grandmother to President Obama, in Kogello village, in Siaya County, they said: ‘Our purpose of wanting to be included in the welcome is to give traditional blessings to President Obama as one with roots in the Luo community,” said Mr Otondi.

When Obama visited Kenya as Illinois Senator, he met some of the Luo Council of Elders as shown in the above photo.



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