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It’s village in the city in Nairobi’s cultural festival

NAIROBI – Rhythm, art and drums are coming to Nairobi City County to mark the first ever cultural festival in the city beginning tomorrow. The initiative, launched today by the county government, will bring together the cosmopolitan culture that exists in Nairobi as the county’s capital.

This Festival, which is a collaboration between different cultural societies in the county and the county government, will be held from 12th to 31st December and will become an annual event in the calendar of Nairobi City County. County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Industrialization, Cooperative Development and Tourism, Anna Othoro said the festival is aimed at showcasing Nairobi as a tourist and entertainment destination during the festive season and beyond.

Speaking during the launch the event, Ms Othoro noted that many people are always looking to spend their holiday out of Nairobi while those who stay in the city are locked up in their houses because of lack of activities to take part in.

“We want this to be a community festival, so we will be encouraging the people to come along, to bring a drum or buy a drum at the festival and join in the county beat,” she said. “The festivities that will be coming to the city range from street carnival, arts and crafts exhibitions and fairs, Christmas caroling, photo exhibitions, street film, kids’ festival, Marshal arts, title boxing event to the biggest showcase of fireworks the city has seen.”

These activities will add a very different lively rhythm and beat to the festival. Over these 19 days, the county will be celebrating the vibrant and colourful diversity of culture not only from Nairobi but also elsewhere in the country and the world at large.

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