Search engine titan Google has honoured the late Kimani Maruge for his life and achievements.

Maruge, who made history as the world’s oldest person to join school at the age of 84, was honoured through a custom doodle on homepage on Monday.

“Kimani Maruge was an extraordinary Kenyan whose passion for education throughout his life, shines as a beacon worldwide on the importance of lifelong learning,” says Google Communications Manager for East and Francophone Africa Dorothy Ooko.

Maruge is believed to have been born in 1920. He joined Kapkenduiywo Primary School in Eldoret on January 12, 2004. The world’s oldest pupil succumbed to cancer in 2009.

His renewed interest in education was as a result of the government’s decision to provide free primary education. The doodle not only serves as a reminder about the importance of education for children, but also for adults for whom it is never too late to learn something new.

What is a Doodle?

According to, Doodle is an online scheduling tool that can be used quickly and easily to find a date and time to meet with multiple people.  First you suggest dates and times for your event participants to choose from, then Doodle creates a polling calendar that can be sent to participants for feedback.  As each participant selects the dates and times from the polling calendar that he or she is free, Doodle aggregates the responses and tells you which option works best for everyone.

They are normally used to celebrate the lives of famous scientists, artists, and pioneers throughout history.


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