Fuel transporters are protesting new rules limiting movement of oil tankers during the day.

Nairobi risks experiencing fuel shortage as the independent petroleum suppliers continue to down their tools limiting fuel distribution to Nairobi. Kenya Independent Petroleum Dealers have grounded their distribution trucks in protest of the enforcement of dawn to dusk ban law, limiting distribution of fuel products to day time.

Kenya Independent Petroleum Dealers Chairman Joseph Karanja says that the strike will go on until the Energy Regulatory Commission suspends the enactment of the law that was enforced following the Naivasha t*****y where a tanker e******d claiming over 40 lives. Since Monday afternoon no petro station in Nairobi has received fuel.

The dealers are, however, expected to meet with Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter and the Acting Director of Petroleum Edward Kinyua on Tuesday Afternoon to iron out the issues.


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