Nairobi motorists parked their vehicles for free yesterday after the automated revenue collection system collapsed, leaving City Hall with an estimated Ksh2 million financial loss for the day.

The online fees collection system, known as eJijiPay and run by JamboPay, was not operational for most of the day, leaving parking attendants with little to do because the county migrated from the manual platform last December. Payment is made through mobile phone.

It was a relief for car owners who pay Ksh300 per day as parking fees.  “The system is down this morning and our technical team is working on it. We expect it to be up and running,” JamboPay is quoted by Business Daily as saying.

The vendor could not specify what caused the hitch and why its back-up plan was not working.  “Once the systems are back, motorists will be given an allowance of one hour to make payment after which clamping will begin,” the company said.

eJijiPay is also used to make other payments like rent, single business permits, planning fees, rent and seasonal parking, all of which remained unavailable on Thursday.

The system collapse comes as JamboPay is looking to take over more revenue collection responsibilities for the county government. Currently, it collects about 30% of the county’s total revenues. In the fiscal year that ended last month, the company collected Ksh3 billion for the county.



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