A successful person usually has achieved a measure of happiness and fulfillment in their work, family, and spiritual life. A lot of successful people often wonder what to do over the weekends.

Some, especially in Kenya, would attend fundraisers, while others literally lazy around home, reading newspapers, novels or browsing.

In reality, successful people need to feel a sense of accomplishment and are self-motivated to tackle the next challenge because they are ‘successful.’
While you contemplate of whether or not you are successful, here are eight things you must do on weekends.

1. Meditate:  Successful people rarely have time but over the weekend, meditation is key. Classes and private tuition around town should also be let go to offer a bespoke approach to insight and peace of mind. You could think of how better to equip yourself for more success in this very tough world.2. Exercise. Everyone needs to do it, and if you can’t work out 4 to 5 days during the workweek, you need to be active on weekends to make up for some of that time, a lot of people fear gyms but it’s the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and create fresh ideas.

3. Make time for family and friends. This is very critical to the ever-busy folks who don’t spend much time with their loved ones during the week.

4. Recharge. The law might have caught up with you during the week. Alcoblow, traffic offences and the likes, for instance. But we live in a competitive world; performance requires managing time and body when necessary too – with the goal of really recharging your batteries. A sip or two plus some patiently prepared diet is good for you or you are done.

5. Disconnect. Successful people avoid e-mail for a period of time. Maybe not the whole weekend, but even just a walk without the phone can feel liberating. If you don’t have a specific religious obligation of no-work time, taking Saturday night to mid-day Sunday off is a nice, ecumenical time that works for many successful people.

6. Socialise. Humans are social creatures, and studies of people who experienced happiness through the day finds that socialising ranks right up there, not too far down below sex. However successful you are, you need to socialise with other people. This would obviously relieve you of the stress of maybe waiting to see what Obama brings home.


7. Reflect. Weekends are the best times to take back your thoughts on your life including how successful you are. Truly successful people make time on weekends to appreciate what they have and reflect on their happiness and accomplishments. Weekends are a great chance to reflect and be more introspective about bigger issues like the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship summit or something.

8. Avoid chores. Pretending to be busy all the time could be costly. Every weekend has a few have-to-dos, yes, but you want these to take the minimum amount of time possible. From the lessons I learnt with my successful dad, successful people should create small windows for chores and errands, and then banish them from your mind the rest of the time.

Get back to work on Monday a fresh fellow who would be able to generate ideas to create more success to you and people around you. Successful people know that time is too precious to be totally leisurely about leisure. But if you’re going from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, weekends are the time to rest it certainly does.

“Successful people look like you!” – Willis Raburu, Kenyan TV personaity.



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