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Bungoma County set to start exporting chicken

More than 700 people are set to be employed at a chicken slaughterhouse established in Chwele area by the County Government of Bungoma.

Governor Ken Lusaka has said the slaughterhouse has been built to international standards and will stimulate commercial chicken farming in a region that reveres the domestic birds.

Speaking during the inspection tour of the facility today, Mr Lusaka said the machines were in perfect condition and the county would soon start exporting chicken to foreign markets and create a new revenue stream for residents most of whom keep poultry for home consumption.

“This will kick out poverty from Bungoma and other neighbouring counties. It is a project of its own kind in Kenya,” said Mr Lusaka. Chicken markets are not developed in the country and traders rely on open-fields at trading centres or along the highway.

He called on Bungoma residents to start rearing chicken for commercial purposes as the slaughterhouse will be handling 3,000 birds a day. “There are no more doubts again. Hapa Bungoma ni kazi tu,” said the Governor.


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