Judge has issued a warrant of a****t against Nyakundi.

Justice Mwihaki Njuguna has issued a warrant of a****t against blogger Cyprian Nyakundi who has consistently failed to honour summons to attend court. Nyakundi, a ferocious blogger with a knack for controversial issues, was found to be in c***************t in December 2016 for continuous disrespect of the courts.

“He cannot take this court in circles any more,” Justice Njuguna said. The blogger had been ordered to appear in court today but did not.

Nyakundi is facing a defamation suit filed by Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. He has consistently disobeyed court orders barring him from discussing the matters before court in the matter attracting a conviction for c***************t. Nyakundi was expected in court today for mitigation and sentencing but failed to show up prompting the issuance of the warrant.

The blogger was in late November found to be in contempt by Lady Justice Njuguna for continuously discussing matters before court in contravention of laid down rules and procedures. Justice Njuguna ordered Nyakundi to appear before her on January 19th 2017 for sentencing but he never did.

Interim orders disobeyed

Nyakundi was sued by Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore for defamation on June 17th, 2016, where the telecommunication firm’s boss sought to stop the blogger from “publishing or causing to be published either by his agents, servants in any of his blogs or media platform any statements defamatory or otherwise concerning the plaintiff.”

The court issued interim orders stopping Nyakundi from defaming Collymore on July 18. Three weeks later, Mr Collymore was back in court claiming that Nyakundi has disobeyed the orders and sought that Nyakundi be committed to civil jail for the time the court would determine and/or attach his property.

Nyakundi had feigned ignorance of the July 18th c*********r barring him from blogging disparagingly against Mr Collymore. But the court found that Nyakundi’s argument cannot stand because he is represented by advocates on record in that case.



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