Nakumatt Warehouse Executive, John Githinji, scans a dispatch consignment.

Nakumatt has completed the first phase of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration project at its Nairobi logistics hub. The WMS, which features one of the most advanced systems in sub-Sahara Africa, will support deployment of an automated warehousing solution, to boost its supply chain efficiency across East Africa.

Nakumatt Holdings Managing Director Atul Shah said this is part of the firm’s cost containment strategies. Among other advantages, Mr Shah said, the integration of the WMS provides a suitable cash flow management solution as it helps to curb and manage over-stocking challenges. Optimum stock holding will to prevent unnecessary holding of capital which will ultimately assists the business to grow.

The WMS integration project provides Nakumatt with a much needed corporate transition from manual stock management systems. The WMS solution was developed by Zensar Technologies and is powered by an Oracle Retail Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software engine.

Nakumatt has already started to enjoy significant operational cost savings, with the average dispatch values almost doubling within its existing space. “At its optimum performance level and with added features including an auto replenish system, we hope to enjoy maximum savings on our average dispatch value per day while managing shrinkage risk more effectively,” Mr Shah said.

In the next phase of the integration, Nakumatt Holdings has set its focus on the delivery of an auto-replenish system to reduce stock out incidences at all our 64 branches and central warehouses across the region, for the customers benefit.

With the new WMS system, supplies to the Nakumatt Central Warehouse, are electronically scanned, verified, loaded and shipped to branches. Technically, WMS also works on the pre-distribution process where allocation can be made prior to receipt of goods and cross dock to shipping area when it is received.



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