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As Betty Kyalo returns, questions linger about her marriage

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo makes a comeback on the screen today after few weeks off to deal with a shake-up in her new marriage after rumours emerged that she had split with her husband, Dennis Okari.

While she was away from the screen, information emerged that a senior coast politician was the cause of the friction between the two, who tied the knot six months ago at a lavish celebrity wedding.

According to reports on gossip websites and blogs, Betty Kyalo has been having an extra marital affair with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, who is said to have, in fact, bought the house the couple lives in Nairobi and a top-of-the-range car. Incidentally, Joho even sponsored their honeymoon abroad, according to these reports.

It’s not clear whether she comes back still married or separated, as rumours have been doing rounds that she has decided to walk away from the marriage. Some sites even posted photos of Betty flashing her fingers with the marriage ring conspicuously missing. KTN viewers will be focusing more on her fingers than her lips.

Untying the knot? Photo that accompanied her Sunday tweet.
Untying the knot? The selfie photo that accompanied her Sunday tweet.

In what could be the clearest hint on speculations about her troubled marriage Betty dropped her husband’s name on her Twitter handle and reverted to her maiden name. The move became a trending topic on social media with many Kenyans online taking it as a confirmation that the marriage of the two media personalities is on the ice.

Last Sunday, she posted a selfie that attracted a lot of  attention on social media in which she is seen flaunting her bare ring finger meaning she might have dumped wedding ring.

She wrote:

Mood: Happy. It has not been easy but I’ve overcome…. You know the secret of change is not to focus your energy on fighting the old, but building the new. To my family, fans and true friends, thank you for your love and support. Nawapenda sanaaaaa! Happy Sunday to you all.

Okari, an investigative journalist with NTV,  has yet to speak out. Earlier it was said the collapse the marriage was due to differences with her family.

Her brother Brian Kyalo-Msafiri, in a post on his Facebook page defended Betty’s decision, saying she has every right to walk away and be happy if she had issues with the family she was married into.

“Betty is a free soul,” he said. “If she is unhappy about the family she married into she has every right to walk away and be happy. I am not a moralist, so don’t expect me to defend mediocrity. If a woman’s happiness is dependent on her leaving and experiencing a different life, I will be the first to support her.”

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Brian declined to provide further details on what exactly happened and hit out at those who have inundated his Whatsapp seeking information on the matter. But he did hint at spousal abuse and lack of support from Okari’s family and pledged to be there for Betty and support her.

Sources indicated the newscaster chose to take a break because the turn of events and its coverage by blogs was too much to bear.

From Betty Kyalo to Betty Okari and back to Betty Kylalo
Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari
Yes I do: Happy moments of the wedding.

Her sister Mercy had also posted on Instagram indicating the family was fully behind her as she copes with her struggles.  “Over the last couple of months my sister Betty has gone through her share of struggles, tears and sadness. A lot is being said and there is a lot of speculation. Fact is that there were deep family issues that divided us. Betty, our family is supporting you 100 per cent and our prayer is that you find true happiness and fulfillment,” Mercy posted on her page.

“Isn’t this is life as we know it? Just when you think you’ve got the map, you meet a stop sign, which redirects, reorganizes and challenges you afresh. It’s upto you to keep strong and recharge! We love and care for you honey so do and be the best you can be. C’est la vie,” she added.

To which Betty replied: “Thank you for your love and support @mercykyallo that is what sisters and family are for. It is well with me. It’s been a long tough one but I came out a better and stronger person. Time to rebuild and begin the journey of self-discovery. Here’s to the future!”

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