Students of all ages have a lot to learn from this determined octogenarian.

Rosa Salgado graduated this past weekend from Miami-Dade College in Florida with an associate of arts degree in e*******n. But Salgado isn’t your typical college student – she’s 80 years old, and received her diploma along with two of her grandchildren.

The 80-year-old hopes that her story will inspire others to see the importance of e*******n. “I would say to students, young, old or in the middle, that every day they have to fight to learn because learning is wonderful,” Salgado told the Miami Herald. “And I know there are a lot of things I still have to learn.”

The road to graduation was not an easy one. Salgado enrolled at the school, first in an English programme, the year after she immigrated to the United States from Colombia. She worked at the school’s childcare centre while also attending classes to help support her family.

But when the centre changed locations, the dedicated student took five bus routes to get to work and school. She met other challenges when her daughter was in an a******t about 10 years ago, causing her to change her school schedule to part-time.

But Salgado stayed committed to school, and though she encountered these obstacles, she still ended up graduating with honors.  “She had some personal setbacks and she beat them all and she’s here graduating,” Sarah Bulnes, Salgado’s English teacher, said. “I’m very proud of her.”

Salgado also received praise from her family. “For me and my family, for her to take this one step graduating, it fills my heart,” said David Salgado, one of the 81-year-old’s grandsons who graduated with her.

The future is looking bright for the octogenarian, and now, with a fresh diploma, Salgado is thinking about a new career.  “I am going to think about creating poems about children because I like poems. I am going to illustrate some stories for children,” said Salgado. “I love art and e*******n and anything to do with children.”


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