It does not matter how good or hardworking you are at your workplace because anyone can be fired.

In this world of few jobs and many workers, it’s easy to lose a job. Companies don’t need much of an excuse to get rid of employees who aren’t living up to expectations. It does not matter how good or hardworking you are at your workplace because anyone can be fired.

Here are five simple things that can compel companies to end your employment:

  1. Complaining and gossiping: Complaining about your job be it online or one on one with others is risky. Talking freely about your feelings for the company and its employees can not the problems. Your opinions are not necessarily the most important and even though you may think so, not everyone wants to hear your thoughts. Don’t assume your boss, co-workers and other staff don’t use social media. People have been fired for saying that their job was boring and making jokes about their company, and someone even got turned down for a job because he complained about the company on Twitter before he was hired.
    1. Using your computer for non-work staff: If your job gives you access to a computer, avoid the temptation of using it for anything other than work stuff unless you have permission. Even if your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder, she might have installed tracking software that allows her to see exactly what sites you’re looking at.  I know you want to check your email, Twitter account but don’t because it’s not worth the risk.

  1. Taking too much off: Extending your off duration while giving out unclear excuses makes your boss not to trust you. Taking every opportunity you have to avoid coming to work and arranging time off that you are not owed is certainly a way of highlighting to your boss that you are not that keen on your role.

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  1. Having a relationship with a colleague: Though not against the law, some companies frown upon inter-office relationships. Think twice about flirting heavily in the office or in the pub after work. And if you do really fall for someone; then you might be best to start looking for other vacancies before your employer begins to look around for a replacement.
  1. Speaking on behalf of the company: This isn’t just about sending out an unauthorised press release or venting on the company Twitter account, because most people already realise that these types of things will get them fired. Avoid answering a question when a reporter sticks a microphone in your face or identifying yourself as an employee of the company when sharing your personal opinions online. This creates the perception that you’re speaking as a representative of the company, even when you aren’t trying to, and that’s definitely something that can get you fired.

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