One of the journalists dismissed by Business Daily has declined to leave until evidence against her alleged involvement in corruption is provided.

The lady, who was accused of receiving money and other favours from news sources, has written a protest letter to Business Daily Managing Editor Ochieng Rapuro demanding proof of corruption that led to her sacking, which came four days after the newspaper warned of an impending purge on corrupt journalists.

The in-house correspondent has also sought the intervention of the Media Council of Kenya in the matter. Sources close to her say she has written to the MCK, arguing that she had been condemned unheard and without any proof.

She was fired today alongside an external correspondent who was accused of “recycling” certain stories that she had some interest in.

The protest opens a new battlefront which is likely to expose the media company to legal suits if she purses it further. A legal expert who talked to us says the allegations that form the basis of the dismissal are defamatory in nature and could support a suit against the newspaper and its managing editor.

“She has obviously been defamed first before her colleagues and the public,” he said. “It will be interesting to see how far she can fight. And if Business Daily doesn’t have concrete evidence against her, she can win.”



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