Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has signed a deal with the government to facilitate the launch of a new card dubbed “Inua Jamii” to aid the disbursement of billions of shillings to beneficiaries under the social protection programme.

Through the programme which is under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Services, KCB will facilitate the transfer at least Kshs29 billion to the initial 400,000 government-targeted beneficiaries in the first year of operation. To set the ball rolling, the ministry has initiated the National Safety Net Programme (NSNP) in order to facilitate the operations of four Cash Transfer Programmes: Cash Transfer to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC); Older Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT); Persons with Severe Disability Cash Transfer (PwSD-CT) and Urban Food Subsidy Cash Transfer (UFSCT).

KCB MD and Chief Business Officer Samuel Makome expressed his confidence in the bank to oversee the smooth running of the programme as soon as it is starts in March, 2015.

“With our reliable card business and through our countrywide reach of over 240 branches and over 8,000 agents, KCB will be able to offer convenient means of availing the funds to the registered beneficiaries. This initiative hopes to enhance convenience, security, accessibility and efficiency as well as accountability process which was deficient previously.”

The e-card is set to increase the scale, improve the quality and coordination of social assistance interventions in government cash transfers to beneficiaries.


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