Cleared Presidential candidates
IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati, who presided over this exercise as the returning officer of the presidential elections, said only the four candidates met the requisite constitutional and statutory requirements.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has finalized the registration of presidential candidates with only four aspirants making it to the ballot paper for the 9th  August 2022 general elections. (see below full list of those disqualified)

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IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati, who presided over this exercise as the returning officer of the presidential elections, said only the four candidates met the requisite constitutional and statutory requirements, and were therefore successful in their bid to contest as candidates for president.

Mr Chebukati said the successful candidates are David Mwaure Waihiga (Agano Party), Prof George Wajackoyah (Roots Party), Raila Odinga (Azimio Coalition Political Party) and William Ruto (United Democratic Alliance-UDA).

However, the following candidates did not meet the requisite constitutional and statutory requirements, and were therefore unsuccessful.

Eliud Muthiora Kariara (Independent), Dorothy Kemunto Nyangori (Independent), Dr. Ekuru Aukot (Thirdway Alliance Party), Gibson Ngaruiya Nganga (Independent), George Munyottah (Independent), Jeremiah Nyagah (Independent), James Kamau (Independent), Jimi Wanjigi (Safina Party), June Juliet Munyeki (Independent), Justus Juma (Justice and Freedom), Peter Mumbiko King’ori (Independent), Walter Onchong’a Mong’are (Umoja Summit Party) and Njeru Kathangu (Ford Asili.

He explained that regulation 43 (2) (c) of the Elections (General) Regulations, 2012 provides that a returning officer shall hold a nomination paper invalid on grounds that the candidate is not qualified to be, or is disqualified by law to have been nominated or elected to the elective post for which nomination is sought.

“As the returning officer for the presidential election, upon discovery of new information on Walter Onchong’a Mong’are’s lack of academic qualifications, I invited him to appear before me today at 2.00pm to clarify the issue. He failed to honour my invitation and pursuant to Regulation 43 (2) (c) of the Elections (General) Regulations, 2012, I hereby revoke the nomination certificate of Walter Onchong’a Mong’are of Umoja Summit Party dated 2nd June 2022,” said Chebukati.

He said that as a commission, they wished to remind all candidates to abide by the Electoral Code of Conduct during the campaign period.

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Earlier, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had named aspirants who have been barred from vying in the August General Election. IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati made the list public on Saturday saying it had been derived from the 241 names forwarded to the commission by the Ethics and Anti-Corrúption Commission.

Mr Chebukati said that IEBC had vetted the names and grouped them under; cases under investigation, prosécution, convicted without appeal and those convicted and pursuing an appeal. Other sections under investigation are cases of acquitted persons, aspirants lacking required academic qualifications and cases of impeached aspirants.

From the findings, Chebukati explained that those disqualified were only the contestants who had been convicted without appeals, candidates who had been impeached from office, those without the required academic qualification and the public officers who failed to resign by the stipulated dates.

Candidates disqualified for impeachment

The IEBC boss noted that the candidates in this section were disqualified on grounds that being ousted from office contravenes Article 75(3) which states: “A person who is removed from office on contravention of Chapter 6 of the Constitution is disqualified from holding any other State or public office whether elective or appointive.”

  1. Mike Mbuvi Sonko

The former Nairobi governor who was eyeing the Mombasa gubernatorial seat under the Wiper party ticket was impeached in 2019 on accusations of abúse of office among other charges.

  1. Chitavi Antony Mkhala

Chitavi who was also seeking a stâb at the Mombasa gubernatorial contest was charged at the Mombasa Chief Magistrate Anti-Corrûption Court in ACC No. 2 of 2009 with three counts of abúse of office and was convicted on three counts in a judgment delivered on 15th December 2011.

  1. Paul Karungo Thangwa.

Former Kiambu Youth Executive Karungo Thang’wa was kicked out from office over alleged funds embèzzlement. He was seeking the Kiambu Senate seat on a UDA ticket.

Candidates with invalid Academic qualifications

In this section, Chebukati pointed out that, “Section 22(2) of the Elections Act,  called for persons seeking election as President, Deputy President, Governor and Deputy Governor to possess a degree from a university recognized in Kenya and thus the two gubernatorial aspirants were ruled out.

  1. Thuo Mathenge

He is vying for the Nyeri Governor seat and was first declared by the court to hold an invalid degree certificate in 2013 and was disqualified from contesting in the 2017 General Election.

  1. Ekamais Jeremiah Loromukai. He is contesting for Turkana governor seat.

Candidates convicted but not pursuing an appeal.

  1. MCA David Njilithia Mberia. He was seeking the Karen County Assembly seat

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