Pupils under the Pupils Reward Scheme (PURES) had a moment of a life-time when they spend time with President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday morning taking selfies, hugging and doing hi-5s. The President, wearing a light blue T-shirt, looked relaxed and in a light mood. He was all smiles with no security.  PURES is an initiative of the First Lady and the President where they mentor the pupils.

“This morning I had breakfast with the third batch of PURES students at State House, Nairobi,” he said on his Facebook page.

MY PRESIDENT: One of the girls poses for a photo with the President, who blushes for the camera. The girl is so free with the President she even wraps her arms around him.

SELFIE MOMENT: One of the pupils is seen taking a selfie with a smiling President as others capture the moment on their cellphones.

W’SAP, MAN?: A boy hi-5’s the President, just like he would his classmates, and Uhuru responds accordingly, as his colleagues make sure their photos are saved well on the phones. They also shared breakfast.


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