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Why People with Disabilities will increase with 2019 Census

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Stereotyping against people living with disabilities has overly increased in society over recent years.

According to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, there has been an increase in the number of people living with disabilities as per the last census which was done in 2009.

Ten years later, the census is to be conducted on 24th and 25th of August 2019. This will show the new statistics on the rate of disabled persons in the country as per this year.

It is only after this census that we will know for sure how many people live with disabilities in Kenya. This information will help the government know how to reduce stereotyping against the disabled.

In the census done in the year 2009, statistics showed that 3.5 % of the Kenyan population lived with one disability or another.

Although the statistics were based on a collective figure and number, they did not visualize on specifying disability types.

Statistics from the 2009 census also showed that most disability-related cases in Kenya were either related with immunization or natural-born cases with the impairments.

It is preferable to categorize disability types in the government in order to clarify administrative convenience purposes. The coming census will hopefully look into these kind of considerations when putting down incoming statistics on people living with disabilities.

Judging on the increase that was recorded during the 2009 census, there is a probability that the number of people living with disabilities may have increased. The assumption can also be made out of the normal observation of these people living in society.

Groups and organizations registering people living with disability tabulated an increase in the number of people registering with them. Disability movements and stakeholders have also been registering very high numbers when holding movements or joining activists on streets in order to push for motions related to disabilities.

A more enhanced bill has been pushed in the constitution that allows disabled representatives to be in government positions compared to earlier outcomes. There has been an increase in the number of people living with disabilities. Furthermore, a research study through data collected on Kenyan hospitals showed an increasing number in cases of children born with disabilities.

In just a few days when the census will be conducted, it will be certain whether there has been an increase or decrease in the number of people living with disabilities.

While the government strives to create employment for the youth, the disabled people should not be left out. It will be a great step towards achieving equality in Kenya if disabled people get employment opportunities too.

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Linnah Taliah
Linnah Taliah
Linnah Taliah is a journalism student at St Paul's University. She is on attachment at Business Today.
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