Linnah Taliah

Linnah Taliah is a journalism student at St Paul's University. She is on attachment at Business Today.

Student Who Raised Capital for Jewellery Business With Mjengo Money

Division of little resources, rareness of job opportunities and increased corruption in the country means that for some, this could economically be the worst of times.

5 Affordable Places to Hike, Feel One With Nature

If you want to feel one with nature, these are the places within Nairobi and its environs to visit

5 Holiday Destinations in Kenya Outside Nairobi

Find out where you can see whale sharks in Kenya as these destinations are the best for local and international tourists

5 Exquisite Hotels in Nairobi for the Rich

From Radisson Blu to Tribe Hotel, these are the hotels that offer exquisite experiences in the city of Nairobi

Online Businesses; The New Trend in Entrepreneurship

With the world being digital and technology being embraced, most people have opted for online businesses rather than the normal shop letting businesses. Perhaps...

Why Intersex Gender Matters During the Kenya Census 2019

Intersex gender up for consideration for the first time in the Kenya census. But why?

7 Richest Neighbourhoods in Nairobi

Residence in these 7 neighbourhoods in Nairobi require top shillings

Why People with Disabilities will increase with 2019 Census

Stereotyping against people living with disabilities has overly increased in society over recent years. According to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, there has been an...

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Whipped and Stripped! A Survivor’s Tale of Harrowing Brutality in a Mental Hospital

The lack of a long-term vision and inadequate resourcing of mental hospital infrastructures continues to take a toll on Kenya’s mentally ill patients.

Dubai Agency Picks Top Influencer Marketers to Lead Kenyan Operation

This strategic move is in line with indaHash vision to cement its presence in Africa, following its impactful footprint in South Africa since 2017 and successful collaborations with clients like the South African Tourism Board.

SportPesa to reward Customers in Cash-Filled Festive Promotion

Running from December 4th to 25th, the SportPesa campaign promises daily excitement with six lucky winners expected to walk away with Ksh5,000 daily.

Captain William Ruto: President’s Namesake With a Decorated Career

Captain William Kipkemboi Ruto is officially known by the name William Ruto, which also happens to be President William Samoei Ruto’s official name.