Most entrepreneurs are opting to set up their businesses online rather than have a physical shop.
Most entrepreneurs are opting to set up their businesses online rather than have a physical shop. Photo/Money Crashers

With the world being digital and technology being embraced, most people have opted for online businesses rather than the normal shop letting businesses.

Perhaps it has something to do with increasing costs of shops, spaces and taxing services that are not required when conducting online business.

Common online businesses in Kenya such as the famous Jumia shop is an example of a business that allows its customers to shop online through downloading an app on phone and incur charges of delivery. There are also online accessory shops, and online food delivery service providers like Uber Eats, boutiques and many others.

Small scale business beginners also opt to go online as it has been regarded as an advantage over the setting of physical shops because the world is slowly going digital. You can reach a lot of potential consumers online than you can if you have a physical shop.

With that being said, how can one set up an online business? An online business first requires a known official account page to avoid potential customers visiting insignificant or duplicated account pages.

After identifying an official page that reflects the state of the business, one should work to acquire a following. Spreading the word or tagging accounts to people in order to earn their trust.

Then ensure you are interactive with your online followers because these are your customers. Provide mobile numbers to enable phone conversations and direct messages on matters to do with the business. It is also advisable that you keep updating your business’ profile.

Online customers relate more to interactivity and regular updates on business accounts. Quality pictures for whatever is being sold always add an advantage as potential customers can clearly see what they are being sold. The online shop should also give detailed information on sizes, colors, and prices. Some businesses prefer to keep the prices confidential and in this case, direct messages asking about prices should be answered immediately a client requests to know.

For online food shops, proper details on the foods available and spices used or clear instructions should be given to help differentiate items. The food sector is a little more critical as feedback from customers after consumption should be taken to high regard.

Terms of delivery and packages should also always be well communicated to customers in order to enhance good customer service relations. Many shops have different ways on how to deliver their goods to clients, others would prefer payment before delivery while others would prefer payment on delivery.

There are several online apps used for businesses and the most commonly used are social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many others.

Online customers always lookup for businesses with good strategy, management, and customer relations. The best way to start a business is by doing it online because of that’s where the World is heading. It also helps you save some money because you will not be leasing any premises as you can as well store your products at home.


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