There was drama at Kutus Bus Park in Kirinyaga County when a woman was busted transporting a decomposing body of an infant in a matatu. The woman, in her early 30’s, according to eye witnesses arrived at the bus stage in the morning carrying luggage which was wrapped in torn sacks.

The witnesses said the woman then asked the driver of the vehicle to place her luggage in the boot as she boarded ready to proceed to Kimunye market. “But after she settled on her seat a foul smell engulfed the entire vehicle making us uncomfortable to start the journey,’’ said Rosaline Wanjiru, who was one of the passengers.

Wanjiru said when other passengers demanded to know the contents of her luggage she claimed it was only some meat she was taking to her mother for Christmas.

But Wanjiru reprimanded her demanding to be told how the meat meant for Christmas was stinking so badly after which the woman opted to alight and picked her luggage.

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“As the woman walked away, we followed her and started shouting for help to have her arrested by members of the public after which she was cornered and ordered to unwrap the luggage,” the witness said.

She said the woman was almost lynched after it emerged that the suspicious content was a six-month old infant’s body which was decomposing. Although the woman, said to be a fruit hawker in the town, escaped the wrath of the mob, it was not without some severe beatings from the infuriated members of the public before police arrived and whisked her away.

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