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Simple But Often Ignored Life Hacks For Safety in Nairobi

The most important thing is to ensure that you always have an alibi to get you off the hook should the worst happen.

Crime stories top media coverage in Kenya, new report shows

Crime stories dominated news reportage in the country in the last eight months, a new report shows spotlighting a duration during which Kenyans were saturated with news of several incidents of famicides, among other shocking killings. The Kenya Media Landscape Report released on Wednesday by...

Big brother gets bigger: Police acquire face recognition capabilities

New system was installed at the Jogoo House-based command, control and communication (C3) centre by Japanese IT giant, NEC Corp

Gangsters turn to music to fight crime

Reformed robber Peter Kinyua sets up a studio that's luring young Kenyans away from crime and drugs

Woman transporting rotten infant corpse arrested

The woman, in her early 30's, arrived at the bus stage in the morning carrying luggage which was wrapped in torn sacks.

I used to steal cars, rapper Akon reveals

As a child, the rapper-turned-philanthropist was born in the US but spent his early years in Senegal before returning to the States at 12 years old