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Jambojet Slashes Flight Fares to Match Buses and Shuttles

The airline flies to five local destinations namely Malindi, Ukunda, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret from its hub in Nairobi.

Loyalty Wins Matatu Crew Ksh5.2 Million Bus

the campaign provided opportunities to the youth to consider ‘Boda Boda’ and matatu business as alternatives source of income.

Brighter Side: Why are Matatu Makangas Always Happy?

Kondas will always be smiling, witty, tough and at times uncouth depending on which side of their life you are on

Betrayal in the city: Mike Sonko screws up people who made him governor

The Nairobi Governor took every hustler and every struggling voter for a ride, then turned into an ambassador of the high and mighty at City Hall

Driver who helped woman give birth in a matatu

'When I turned around I saw the baby’s head. I was scared but God gave me strength', says George Kariuki

Drivers to pay Sh5,000 for refresher course

NTSA will also subject the drivers to medical tests on conditions that my affect their daily duties in the road