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Comedian Njugush Reveals What Pushed Him to Invest in a Matatu

Timothy Kimani unveiled the luxurious 36-seater matatu on the glamorous Rongai route in Nairobi

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Renowned comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, made headlines recently with his foray into the matatu industry by launching his matatu, named after his firstborn son, Tugi. Embracing a new chapter as a matatu owner, Njugush’s bold investment decision has garnered attention for its innovative approach and strategic thinking.

With the unveiling of the luxurious 36-seater matatu on the Rongai route, Njugush demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen and willingness to venture into new territories. Despite trading in his Toyota Prado TX for the matatu, Njugush expressed unwavering confidence in his investment, citing inspiration from a recent training session on leveraging assets for business opportunities.

“The course I attended a few months ago was quite inspiring. The session focused on turning liabilities into business opportunities, which led me to sell my car,” shared Njugush.

Highlighting the management convenience provided by affiliating with the Super Metro Sacco, Njugush emphasized the ease of running his matatu with professional support. He credited his decision to enter the matatu business to the transformative journey of individuals starting as makangas and rising to become successful drivers, proving there is potential for growth in any endeavour.

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“I needed someone to oversee it on my behalf. Having your car in a Sacco is more convenient than managing it independently. The Sacco handles all aspects, from arranging a driver to ensuring discipline is maintained,” he says.

In his candid discussion about the cost and operation of his matatu, Njugush disclosed an investment exceeding Ksh8 million, covering the purchase and customization of the vehicle.

“A standard matatu typically costs about Ksh6.4 million, excluding the artwork, screens, and additional interior features. I sold my Prado and contributed extra funds to cover the overall costs.”

A month into operations, he reported positive response and customer satisfaction, with the matatu effectively meeting expenses and generating profits. The matatu’s versatility, including bookings for events outside Nairobi, has further enriched its performance and opened doors for future expansion plans.

“I hope to expand further in the near future,” Njugush said.

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Steve Wambugu is a journalist based in Nairobi.
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