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We Are Always Fooled With Empty Promises

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Politicians are known for their unending lies and empty promises. We have learned to take their promises with a grain of salt. We can only trust what they say after we see the actual promise come into fruition.

Politicians spin lies like a fashion model changes clothes. And there is something sweet about spinning lies. You get so addicted you just can’t stop just like our politicians.

Politicians are still in motion lying to us. They are divided into factions yet they claim they want to unify us as a nation. Shouldn’t they start by creating unity among themselves first? It’s more of preaching wine and drinking water. But in this case, it seems like they have taken an overdose.

Unending lies

What happened to the Ksh1.9 billion desks promised to schools? Photos doing rounds on social media of school children sitting on the floor of their dilapidated classrooms are heartbreaking. Then you wonder what the MCAs are doing? All they do is cause fracas and fight each other. When do they ever work for us?

A county has so many representatives. We got MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors yet they all cannot help the schools in their jurisdictions. Some of these ‘tumbocrats’ even studied in the same classrooms yet they are doing nothing about the situation.

Let’s broach the topic of the laptops promised to class one pupils. How can that even be a real promise when the places are so marginalized that they do not even have electricity? Dear politicians, when you tell your lies at least use your heads. Show us that at least those degrees you bought are worth something.

But how can politicians live in their lavish homes yet they know very well that they have not made an effort to have electricity at their rural areas? Sometimes ‘tuko na shinda za kujitakia’.

Shouldn’t having electricity for your people be the number one priority since you all grew up in that darkness? But they are so selfish they only purchase homes and forget the real homes they came from.

Then the biggest lie of all time is the one where one million jobs were promised to youth annually. Do not blame Corona as it only happened in March of 2020, which is year eight of the 10-year tenure. What have they been doing for the last seven years? Nobody should blame a catastrophe that is eight months in its ravaging scope.

Hospitals in the counties have remained the biggest irony. Only Corona saved us from the shambles that was our county hospitals. Most governors ran around to look for temporary shelters for Covid-19 patients as if they were new in office.

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Then you wonder why the county hospitals were not developed yet CDF money and all other county allocation revenue is for that purpose. There are counties that make tremendous effort in making sure that the people are well taken care of.

Do we have to be ravaged by a scourge for the leaders to build hospitals which are our right? Were it not for Covid-19, some counties would still be hospital-less. So what have they been doing for all these years that people keep being referred to the KNH, which is overstretched?

Every county should be self-reliant. Isn’t that the whole point of devolution? 

All they do is steal and make us feel like it’s a favour they are doing.

The biggest wonder of all is the way these politicians launch a road, hospital, school, desks and tanks with so much glamour you are left wondering what’s so new about it. It is their job, after all, so why the flurry and attention-seeking all over the media to be recognized for what is their own work?

No one takes videos of us as we perform our duties every morning we go to our offices. You don’t see us showing off the work we do all over social media.Yet we have no peace every time they launch a project as if they are funding it with their own money.

All they do is steal and make us feel like it’s a favour they are doing us by serving us. News flash Mr Politician, don’t imagine you are doing us a favour by doing the job we elected you to do. Do your job and be grateful that you steal our money and get away with it. Otherwise, most of you should be rotting in jail if only the laws of our country worked fairly.

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