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Know-Somebody Mentality Killing the Best Among Us

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The ‘I know somebody who knows somebody’ mantra is slowly killing our nation. It is killing the spirits of those hard-working individuals whose only crime is not knowing ‘somebody’. They were born in ordinary households without godfathers.

What is wrong with being a normal Kenyan with no rich or famous roots. What is wrong with not knowing somebody who knows somebody who can call somebody in a big office?

It is not easy to get an appointment in any company, for instance, if you do not have a close relationship with somebody working in that organization or elsewhere but with insider connections. Should it mean that those who have the qualifications but nobody to speak for them are doomed to be jobless?

Who do you know?

The number problem is that we value the mtu wetu principle yet such people are the reason why some organizations are on their knees. We tend to favour someone because they are connected but not because their qualifications speak for them.

So-called connected people never amount to anything of value. This only propagates mediocrity and messes up organizations. There is nothing worse than employing someone out of pure entitlement. They will never work competitively because they know they have an ‘added advantage’ over the rest.

These are the people who will be mostly careless in their work, proud in their positions and abusive in the office just because they are untouchables and cannot be questioned lest they make that dreaded call that can end your career. This means that their work ethic is compromised.

Fighting a losing battle

The worst is in the case where you employ someone who is not qualified for the position. These are the worst lot of people to deal with. They always think they know what they are doing despite their deficits both academically and professionally.

These are the kind of people who will ensure your company remains an underperformer. This entitled lot of people is always ready to tell stories and give excuses where serious explanations are needed.

They never have anything of value to add to the organization other than their annoying personalities. The one thing that is guaranteed about them is that they are serial underperformers and nothing can get them to step up because they have someone to cover up their mediocrity.

They say never give power to an uneducated person for s/he will not know what to do with it. Such people will misuse it and hey will mismanage anything that comes their way. Their aim is often benefiting themselves.

A rare kind

We should never forget the people who, despite not knowing us, gave us the chance to prove ourselves. They believed in us and became the long hope we had all been waiting for in life. Such people are rare to come by but when they do we should always take note.

Nepotism in the workplace is killing organizations and denying those who deserve a chance to showcase their knowledge and skills.

Let God be the guide you in this life. Tell Him all your dreams and wishes in life. The Holy book tells us that faith without action is dead. Let us make an effort to show that we are also able.

As we pray and believe in God, let us not despair. Keep the hope alive and in His own mighty way, He will open doors that you never thought possible. He will appoint that one person who will believe in you and offer you a chance for take-off. All you have to do is believe, pray and make the effort.

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DORRIS KYALOhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Dorris Kyalo, a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major) student, is currently pursuing CPA. Email: [email protected]  
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