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Shame! Shame! Our Leaders At It, Again

Why do we even call them leaders when they can’t show an ounce of responsibility?

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Our leaders are throwing blows at each other in the full glare of cameras for the world to see how uncivilized they can get. Fighting over inconsequential issues is beneath us. Our leaders are a shameless lot that will take political wars in front of a grieving family that needs to be comforted.

The selfishness exhibited by our leaders is beyond human comprehension. We have lost the one and most important commandment given to us by God: that we should love one another.  But divisive politics runs through our blood and so deep to the core that we neglect the simplest act of love.

How can politicians in all their glory fight one another in such a sombre environment? We are all human beings before our careers and human care is paramount. Our politicians should know places designated for the political shenanigans.

No role models

School going children are burning schools everywhere. Then you’re left wondering, who are they emulating? Is the kind of behaviour exhibited in Kisii what we expect our kids to emulate?

The trend our leaders are setting is despicable, to say the least. These same so-called leaders are parents. Have they no shame and regret on what their kids will think of them? What kind of example are they setting for their own kids if they don’t care about being a role model to the rest of the young people in the country?

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What do they tell their own children who watch them throwing blows on national TV and all over social media? What do these same politicians tell their old and graying parents when they hear of  what they are doing? Some of these clueless people have put politics at the forefront of their lives and follow it so blindly that they have lost regard for anything else in life.

Is politics the enemy?

So what was the source of the fight? Well simply put it was about political affiliations and about who supports what and who. So men fighting in front of their political ‘fathers’ and shaming themselves and tainting their names just to prove their allegiance.

Politicians are known to incite citizens to fight among themselves on their behalf. It seems like the fire is catching up with them and they now have to fight among themselves to show their loyalty to their ‘godfathers’ in politics. This has to be the biggest and most despicable act of callousness from our leaders.

By the way, why do we even call them leaders if they can’t show an ounce of responsibility in their behaviour? Why throw around the meaningful word of leader when we are referring to people who do not give a thought about their behaviour?

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If only as citizens we could vote for people who make sense and care about their morality. We do but it seems like hooliganism has won and keeps winning every election year since we keep recycling the same shameless people in the name of leaders. When will these people ever change?

Leader, no matter the level, should endeavour to be people of integrity and sound moral grounding. Let divisive politics not be the reason we condone violence and abuse one another.

We do not have to fight each other in public and in front of grieving families to show our political affiliations. Let politics bind us and divide us. What is politics without us? We created politics and let it not be the reason we perish just because we are too proud and egoistical. Let us be united in politics.

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Dorris Kyalo, a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major) student, is currently pursuing CPA. Email: [email protected]  
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