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Shame! Shame! Our Leaders At It, Again

The selfishness that is exhibited by our leaders is beyond human comprehension. We have lost the one and most important commandment given to us by God: that we should love one another.  It seems like the fire is catching up with them and they now have to fight among themselves to show their loyalty to their ‘godfathers’ in politics.

Political Storm Looms as Ruto Allies Kicked Out of Powerful Senate Positions

President gives Ruto allies the boot and makes way for Gideon Moi men

These Bad Leaders Can’t Deliver the Kenya We So Desire

Leaders are a reflection of the people. In Kenya, we have a wide range of leaders. However, we have a shortfall of good leaders who can be emulated. The political class of leaders is the most affected lot that we have yet they are...

Crime stories top media coverage in Kenya, new report shows

Crime stories dominated news reportage in the country in the last eight months, a new report shows spotlighting a duration during which Kenyans were saturated with news of several incidents of famicides, among other shocking killings. The Kenya Media Landscape Report released on Wednesday by...

#CongratulationsMheshimiwa: KOT mock corrupt politicians

Congratulations Mheshimiwa is the latest catchphrase on Kenyans on Twitter (KOT)'s keyboards as they sarcastically congratulate politicians for a job 'well done' in terms of abuse of office, bribery, unethical conduct, illegal acquisition and disposal of public property and tax evasion. https://twitter.com/gichurukenny/status/1131778435439910912 Kenyans have had enough...

Curious guest at Mike Sonko’s father anniversary

Nairobi County Deputy Governor nominee Agnes Kagure Kariuki pulls a first one on her rivals by showing up at Mua farm in Machakos County