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A Rough Ride From Our Leaders

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The rule of law governs us a multiparty nation. This is the number one term for every lawyer, MP or any person who works for the government. But they use it discriminately, only when it suits them.

What happens when it is the poor who needs the rule of law to be applied in their case? Those leaders who were shouting rule of law disappear. They are nowhere to be seen until next time they will be defending a crime committed by a fellow leader.

We are a country that is low on morals but high vice and bad leadership. We are governed by corruption that kills the economy. Corruption has become rampant as everyone is seeking to steal what they can from the public coffers.

Our economy is malnourished as everybody wants a piece of the national cake. Isn’t it better to have a Robin Hood amongst us who can fight for the plight of the poor?

The rich continue to enrich themselves with our resources as we continue to perish and wither in the hands of poverty and bad leadership. Sadly our leaders are petulant individuals who care about nobody but themselves.

Wasting Our Time

Our leaders are busy popularizing themselves and warming up to campaigns for elections two years away. You wonder what they will do when the actual campaign begins. This is the time for our leaders to focus on fulfilling the promises they made the last election period. But they are busy stringing new lies to the very people they lied to. They are all over breaking all the Covid-19 rules they should be busy putting in place.

The most mesmerizing thing is that even President Uhuru Kenyatta himself is breaking the very rules he keeps demanding us to follow. Crowding has become the one thing that all these leaders have made their uniting factor.

No Respect at All

Their motorcades will leave behind accidents and poor families who will have to contend with dealing with losing loved ones just because their guzzlers couldn’t slow down to let the very people they called to crowd to move away.

The sad thing is that the very drivers come from these places and are neighbours to these people they are trampling around like annoying coach roaches. In the evening they will attend the ‘matanga’ and pretend to condole with them. That blood will be on your hands since you were the one behind the wheel when you trampled the poor soul and left them for dead.Their death will haunt you and not ‘Mkubwa’.

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These leaders do not care about you.If they did, why trample on someone and leave them behind in sucha situation?That only points to one conclusion: these leaders only prey on your poverty, illiteracy and ignorance to get your votes.

Every time they see us all they see is votes. Every other time we are nothing but an annoying eye sore to them .So, as long as you count as a voter they will woe you until they use you and then spit you out like waste.

Stay Awake

My wish for my country is to not let politicians take us for a ride. We should shun divisive politics propagated by our leaders. They let us fight their battles and settle their scores amongst ourselves yet we want to live in unity as Kenyans.

But the lot of selfish leaders will instigate their tribesmen against each other just because they couldn’t agree among themselves. Then they will use us as their fighting machines to fight against ourselves.We will kill each other but at the end of the day they will go home to their loved ones and posh neighbourhoods while we will have burnt our homes and killed our neighbours.

Let these leaders fight their own battles. If only we could say no to their manipulation and stand as one every time they try to divide us, they would have no choice but to step up and be the best leaders who value us as fellow Kenyans.But not as the poor electorate who only needs Ksh50 to kill each other for battles whose origin we are not privy to.

Then they go ahead and have a handshake to ‘unite’ Kenyans. The question is what do you think happened to us when you left us to fight amongst ourselves? Should we also forgive and move on just because you said so? Dear leaders, please stop taking us for granted and for once value us for we are also humans like you.

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DORRIS KYALOhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Dorris Kyalo, a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major) student, is currently pursuing CPA. Email: [email protected]  
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