MC Moreydoc
MC Moreydoc, the gospel musician who has gone to court challenging the ban on gambling ads. Photo: Instagram

The name is MC Moreydoc. Stage name, MC Moreydoc. Real name Kamau Wanjohi.

He is the man whose c********e has halted the implementation of the g******g ads ban — for now. But who is he?

His Instagram page bio reads musician, activist, events organizer and motivational speaker.

Adding onto that is a photo that seems to affirm his self-identity as a politician.

The pic shows a poster of him aspiring to become a Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Oloolua Ward in Kajiado County during the 2017 General Elections. However, election results show that he did not make it to the ballot paper.

His social media profiles give scant details of his personal life. What you can gather though is that he is a father to triplets, he does event organising and MC’s at events, especially high schools.

Based on the songs he has shared as his own on Instagram, MC Moreydoc can be identified as a Gospel singer. One of his songs is titled “Just focus on Jesus” while another has lyrics talking of the love of Jesus.

One of his posts declares, “Am a Son of the King” while another reads “God blessing.”

MC Moreydoc also identifies as the chief executive of a platform known as Mziki Kenya Network.

The platform’s Facebook page though is dormant, having last been updated in November 2017.

Mziki Kenya Network however advertises itself as an event planning organisation. It offers sound for hire, along with tents and chairs, for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and concerts.

MC Moreydoc is set to now gain more spotlight. Now, he is the man who has gone to court challenging the g******g ads ban directive issued by the B*****g Control and Licensing Board.

The Gospel singer is claiming that his source of livelihood, as well as that of his colleagues, is being interfered with by the directive.

He also says the g******g ads ban is ambiguous in its definition of the term “celebrity” and that it was issued before having public participation.

Before MC Moreydoc’s suit is heard and determined, the High Court has suspended the implementation of the g******g ads ban.

For now, b*****g firms, advertisers, media firms and celebrities will be a heaving a huge sigh of relief.

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