Citizen TV has unveiled its new programming and a reloaded line-up of presenters featuring new hires from NTV and KTN starting. The changes come with a revamp and rebrand of its news presentation.

In a promo for the reloaded programming, Citizen TV, owned by Royal Media Services, promises cutting-edge news and current affairs programming, “a blend of compelling reporting and sophisticated presentation of news.”

Sunday Live will be presented by former NTV reporter-cum-news-anchor Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange. It will be an interesting blend of calmness in Rubadiri with the pompous effects of Koinange.

This positioning signals that Ms Rubadiri could be the new queen of the screen at Citizen TV, taking up the position left by Janet Mbugua. Previously, there was Julie Gichuru on Sunday Live. Sunday evening has the most TV audience and is considered premium time for TV presenters.

Monday Special will be brought by Anne Kiguta, while Hussein Mohammed presenting News Night Hussein Mohamed on Tuesday. Jeff Koinange will feature again on Wednesday news bulletin, and hosting guests at the end of the bulletin on JKL (Jeff Koinange Live).

Thursday News Explained will be brought by former KTN presenter Yvonne Okwara. After Thursday news, there will be the News Gang programme, which is answer to NTV’s PressPass and a forum for Citizen to showcase the new stars on its team.

Featuring Ann Kiguta, Hussein Mohammed, Yvonne Okwara, Jamila Mohamed as well as RMS editorial director Joe Ageyo and innovation and strategy director Linus Kaikai. The programme will certainly discuss issues affecting journalism and the media.

Friday Jacque Maribe and Waihiga Mwaura will usher in the weekend with Friday Night, followed by a new look Citizen Weekend with Lilian Muli on Saturday. Ms Maribe and Mwaura will be expected to counter the growing popularity of KTN’s Friday briefing presented by Betty Kyalo.

Citizen TV’s new programming appears to emphasize general news and politics, backed by interviews and talk-shows, aimed at reclaiming its strong leader in prime time news viewership.


Latest rankings have shown the station losing its tight grip on audience – from 44% in 2014 to less than 27%, according to GeoPoll fourth quarter 2017 survey – mainly to KTN and KTN News and other rivals.

KTN comes second with a share of 13%, followed by KTN News at 12%. Nation Media Group’s NTV is fourth with an average of 11%. Citizen is banking on the new programmes and TV celebrities to win it more audience in an industry competing against digital media and struggling with shrinking ad revenues.


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