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Jeff Koinange And Group Smiling All The Way To The Bank

The Royal Media Services pay cut was effected in March 2020 when workers were subjected to a compulsory pay cut of between 20% and 30% to survive the Covid-19 pandèmic period, which was characterised by lockdowns that affected media revenues.

Citizen TV teases rivals with its all-stars team

Unveiling its prime time presenters line-up featuring eight prominent anchors, Royal Media invokes the analogy of Julius Caesar assassination in 44 BC

Citizen TV unveils new line-up of presenters

Leading TV station, featuring stars poached from NTV and KTN, has also revamped its programming to win back audience as competition grows

Lillian Muli documents pregnancy in new TV show

On Tuesday, she posted on Instagram a recording session of her new show, which will air on Viusasa, a pay-per-view affiliate of Royal Media Services, saying the show will be out this week

Lillian Muli rapped over rape interview

The interview with Irene Karimi was initially meant to address the problem of victim shaming but the objective went south thanks to the host's line of questioning