NRG Breakfast Show host Rachel Muthoni with DJ Kace in studio.

NRG has reassigned radio presenter Rachel Muthoni, popularly known as Mwalimu Rachel, to anchor the Breakfast show alongside DJ Kace following the shock departure of Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

The two left NRG last Friday to join Kiss 100 where they have been tapped to host the morning show following the resignation of Adelle Onyango, who is set to venture into podcasting to empower vulnerable persons in society.

Mwalimu Rachel joined NRG from Homeboyz Radio where she was the host of afternoon show Class 124. She previously interned at Ghetto Radio.

In a previous interview, Rachel, who has been co-hosting the NRG Transit weekdays show with Timmy Tdat, said she became interested in the media at a young age, though she was torn between law and the media.

“I wanted to be a lawyer since maths just did not let me prosper. I also thought of being a media personality. I knew that as long as I was talking to people for a living, it would make me happy,” she told lifestyle writer Munde Okuna, adding that she wanted to study media, but did not get the chance to major in it and settled for sociology and communication.

“I knew I had to work with what I had so I studied hard. Then I got an internship at Ghetto Radio. I was their first intern. It still makes me proud. I am definitely in my dream career,” she says.

After a few months at Ghetto Radio, Rachel got what she thought was a big break when Homeboyz Radio started a station. But her naïve enthusiasm was cut short by the realities of hosting a live show by herself. Rachel says there are people who didn’t believe in her.

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“I love surprising people —shocking them even — with what I can do. So when people didn’t see the best in me in the beginning, I worked hard to show them. I created my own opportunities and never backed down from a challenge. Then they themselves couldn’t deny the force that I am,” she says.


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