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Shaffie Weru Makes Radio Comeback Alongside Kamene Goro

Weru, who was earlier this year appointed as Head of Events and Branding by he Nairobi County Government, is set to host a show on NRG Radio alongside Kamene Goro and Pierra Makena.

Maina Kageni’s Many Money-Makers Outside Radio

The show attracts eye-watering advertising revenues owing to its popularity, mostly in urban areas. This has led to Kageni being one of the most well paid media personalities in the country, but he sees his radio work simply as his day job - enabling him to engage in various other ventures.

Media Industry Flooded with Celebrities Who Did Not Study Journalism

Every year, thousands of youth join Universities and colleges to study Journalism with the hope that they will one day become influential media personalities in the country. It is a dream that every journalism student has. A dream that has since been shuttered with...

Qwetu Radio to Rebrand, Take on “Maina and King’ang’i”

While some of its programmes were fairly popular, the media house failed to break even, a situation that saw it bleed talent while those who remained went for months without pay

Debut: Kamene Goro, Andrew Kibe Free to Host Kiss Breakfast Show

Kamene has been sending teasers since Tuesday, asking her fans whether they were ready for her much awaited debut

Kamene Goro turns to gigs as injunction hangs over her head

Unable to join Kiss FM due to an injunction filed by her former employer, former NRG Radio breakfast show host Kamene Goro has turned to mceeing and other entertainment gigs to eke a living. Kamene and her co-host Andrew Kibe were sued by their former...