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Shaffie Weru Makes Radio Comeback Alongside Kamene Goro

The four-hour show will air on Fridays between 3pm and 7pm

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Shaffie Weru is set for a grand comeback to the airwaves, two years after he was forced out of Radio Africa Group-owned Homeboyz Radio, alongside his then co-hosts DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville, over controversial comments on gender-based violence. Weru, who was earlier this year appointed as Head of Events and Branding by he Nairobi County Government, is set to host a show on NRG Radio alongside Kamene Goro and Pierra Makena.

The four-hour show will air on Fridays between 3pm and 7pm. Kamene confirmed in a post on social media that the trio would host NRG Transit. Pierra Makena also shared a poster teasing the show.

Kamene Goro left Radio Africa’s Kiss FM in January. She had spent three years at Kiss FM. It will be her second stint at NRG Radio, where she hosted a show alongside radio host-turned-podcaster Andrew Kibe.

Her initial move to join Kiss from NRG hit a snag after Kamene and her co-host Andrew Kibe were sued by NRG, their former employer, over alleged violation of a non-compete clause after the two quit to join rival station Kiss FM. The matter was eventually ironed out allowing the duo to join Kiss.

Besides his role at the county, Shaffie Weru had also rolled out a new conversational online show, Shafted, in which he revisited his experiences and spoke to other popular personalities.

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Among other things, he addressed his exit from Radio Africa which followed uproar over Weru’s comments, with major Radio Africa advertisers, including East African Breweries Limted (EABL) and Safaricom, among those who demanded that the company take action.

Weru stated that he didn’t blame anyone for his sacking, and further admitted to facing depression at one point for what he felt was his role in DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville also losing their jobs. He further stated that they also handled their response poorly, with separate apologies that only seemed to stoke the fire.

“It (apology) went south…Joe did his apology, I did my own apology. If this thing had been handled right we would have done a communal apology, one voice, and then maybe people would have taken us more seriously..but now, Neville already released his apology he wrote with G-Money, Mfalme released his, by the time I was chucking mine guys were like aaihh, these guys understand that the issue was messed up but that’s where I apologize for. I apologize for how we handled the whole apology scenario,” he stated.

“Because first, that station’s not mine, it’s not DJ Joe Mfalme’s. It’s owned by a whole group of people.”

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