Newton Babior with PLO Lumumba ahead of his books launch last week.

Newton Babior, author of The Raila Conspiracy has allegedly gone missing. Babior is said to have disappeared on June 27th, the day he was to launch the book at the KICC Amphitheatre. The event was to be attended by NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga and Kenya School of Law CEO PLO Lumumba.

According to sources close to him, efforts to reach him have been futile as his phone has been off. A report of his disappearance was recorded at the Ruaraka police station under OB number 18/3/7/17 with relatives raising concerns on social media on his disappearance.

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He had to fight off allegations of a post by political activist David Matsanga, which claimed that the book had ‘killed’ Kenya and the world as a whole. “Don’t idolize this kind of misleading idiot. Come to the launch. Get a copy of the book. Read it and make an independent opinion,” Newton said in a Facebook post.

Excerpts from the book claim that the 2002 elections pitting Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta were the only free and fair elections. The book details on how State machinery is used to rig elections post-Daniel Moi regime.

He claimed of efforts by the government to bar the launch and distribution of the book in the country. The shipment was seized at the airport by authorities on its way from India where it was published by Magadashan Printers.

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