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10 other constructive things you can do during elections

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Many employees might get at least one week off during the election time. Most will remain idle during all that time, or maybe engage in non-productive activities that do not benefit them or their loved ones. Below is a list of things one can do during that time, to help others or him/herself

1. Read

Knowledge will never be enough, neither will it ever be toxic. Reading a book will keep you busy since, as they say, an idle mind is devil’s workshop. It will also add you knowledge. If the environment cannot allow you to read, you can always listen to an audio book, thanks to technology.

2. Go for a short course

No matter of what age you are, you are eligible to learn at anytime irrespective of the age and time. An additional certificate is not a bad idea. It might be your turning point in your road to success. You can go for defensive driving courses, hospitality, first aid, guidance and counselling, road safety and many more. Anything learned yields in some or the other better way, irrespective of the time.

3. Spend time with your family

How much time do you spend with your family in a year. You might get a two week leave, and this is not a time to stick to your job, neither should you stay in the city. Go home and have some good time with your family, if possible the extended family, because most present generation men live with their nuclear families in the cities.

4. Review your yearly goals

You will have at least one-week free time, hence one of the best time to meditate and review your yearly plans. You will be able to look at what you have done, what you have not and how you can achieve what you have not managed to do within the past seven months. It is also time to realize your mistakes and learn from them.

5. Plan life after elections

As they say, there is life after elections. A review of your plans is what will help you plan ahead, on how to complete you plans. Also, start prioritising your things and make a list of to do list. The things you won’t do should also be noted down so as to bring effectiveness out of what you do. Making your priorities will certainly give you the best and will eliminate all the unwanted things from your life.

6. Compare notes with an old friend

Meeting an old friend might give you an insight on how things are going on in other sectors that you are not conversant with. S/he might be the eye-opener you needed to wake up from a certain slumber.

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You can also ask for psychological help from such a friend, as well as help him/her psychologically, because that is what friends are meant for.

7. Invite friends and organise a get-together

This is also a fun. Invite your friends at your place either for dinner or for lunch. Dine together and discuss your woes and joys with each other. Spend quality time with each one of your friends and turn a boring holiday into memorable, interesting one.

8. Go for a recreational tour

If you are financially able, you can go for a recreational tour and even take your family with you. It is not a mourning time, so you should enjoy and relax. You become more productive when you freshen-up.

9. Give a helping hand

Somebody out there is not as fortunate as you. During this time, instead of engaging in useless politics that will help only the powerful, go to the poor, widows and orphans and extend your generosity to them, and God will bless you abundantly. You can also join a volunteer programme and help where necessary.

10. Exercise

However much it should be a continuous activity, many people do not exercise due to their busy schedule. Being free during the election time offers you the best time to keep fit through exercising


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