The National Spatial Plan (NSP) that was launched in March 2017 is a notable Vision 2030 that will be incorporated in MTP III

A draft medium term plan that outlines the policies and strategies that Kenya will deploy to accelerate the pace of implementing projects under Vision 2030 is nearing completion.

As has been the case since 2008, the framework will guide the implementation of projects, funding and partnership as the country prepares to enter the third-five year phase (MTP III) from January 2018-December 2022.

A mid-term review report of the second Medium term (MTPII) 2013 to 2017 that measured key successes, challenges and opportunities for growth over during this plan period has been used to inform the formulation of the draft MTP III.

Moreover, the new five year plan that is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) places strong emphasis on structural transformation that will ultimately boost the share of manufacturing and industrial sector in the nation’s output and thus increase the contribution of exports to Kenya’s economy.

“Some of the major projects that are planned for implementation in the third medium term plan include the LAPSSET, the blue economy, as well as Oil and Other minerals” said Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat, Director General, Dr Julius Muia.

The Medium Term Plan III builds on Kenya’s aspirations to achieve an upper middle income status by 2030 through an accelerated economic growth that is hinged on private sector acting as the engine of growth. It is expected that inclusive growth in a diversified economy will offer decent jobs to Kenyans and transform their lives.

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The National Spatial Plan (NSP) that was launched in March 2017 is a notable Vision 2030 that will be incorporated in MTP III as well as the County Integrated Development Plans.

“The NSP aims to ensure optimal productivity, sustainability, efficiency and equity in use of land and territorial space,”said Dr Muia.

Finally, the National Climate change Action plan 2013-2017 that was mainstreamed in the MTP II will also be reviewed to address effects of climate change.

The next major activity in the preparation of the medium term plan will be a national validation forum in September 2017.

“The validation process will incorporate priority areas of the manifesto of new government,” said Dr Muia.


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