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How Political Interests Frustrate Vision 2030 – Secretariat Boss Reveals

"To get any project off the ground is a miracle in itself," he admitted, noting that they needed to jump through several hoops.

Kenya’s Multi-Billion Shilling Family Businesses and Succession in a Pandemic

According to research, 70% of family businesses will have lost their wealth by the second generation, while 90% will have lost it by the third generation.

Right Policy Environment Key to Realizing SDGs

Kenya has undertaken initiatives to ensure that the SDGs are achieved, mainly through development and review of relevant laws and policies.

Lucrative Opportunities for Kenyans in UN Projects

The study identifies opportunities for the private sector to contribute to three infrastructure-focused goals between now and 2030.

After Merger, Export and Branding Agency CEO Gets Down to Work

KEPROBA will provide national branding guidelines for stakeholders as well as facilitate and promote the development of export trade.

Tatu City a model private-public partnership initiative

The project is so instrumental to urban development that Vision 2030 Delivery Board formed committees to offer statutory and infrastructural support to the 5,000-acre development