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Editor and writer, Francis Muli has a passion for human interest stories. He holds a BSc in Communication and Journalism from Moi University and has worked for various organisations including Kenya Television Service. Email:[email protected]

Economist Building e-Learning Solution for Colleges

Online learning heralds a new phase of education in Kenya, where institutions will halt the development of new campuses.

The Personal Assistant Every Boss Wants to Have

Andrew Osundwa joined a class that had 11 men and 30 ladies but by the end of the course only two men remained in the class.

10 things that make Sonal Maherali East Africa’s leading fashionista

Youtube sensation and lifestyle connoisseur Sonal Maherali continues to captivate Kenyans and spellbind many with her effortlessly stylish lifestyle riddled with all the finest...

100 schools join tree planting competition

In its fourth phase, they will compete in nurturing drought resistant Terminalia brownie, Senna siamea and Melia volkensi tree species in 0.5 acre plots at their institutions

Tour firm ATS marks 20 years of existence

One of the Kenya’s leading Tour firms in Kenya, ATS, will be celebrating two decades of existence in Kenya this weekend. Established in 1998, by...

Walking four generations with Bata shoe makers

Speaking to Business Today, the great grandson of Tomáš Baťa, Mr Thomas Archer terms consistency and dynamism as the key principles that have maintained the family business for close to four generations

Use haters to succeed instead of complaining

Most studies done in Kenya reveal that 90% of startups fail in Kenya. So many reasons are given but giving a deaf ear to criticism is rarely given as a genesis of failure

Healer of soles: Bata introduces a new brand in the market

The Red Label will have a consistent flow of new products that will be constantly changing, depending on the current trends and footwear dynamics

New luxury hotel opens in Nairobi

Developed by Sato properties, Kingfisher Nest has spacious and comfortable rooms with fully furnished kitchens, a living room, and refreshing decor coupled with an entertainment system

An evening out at Nairobi’s Kingfisher Nest

The warmth of the apartments creates the illusion of home away from home with living rooms equipped with an entertainment system and a lovely slide door balcony overlooking the city