Chairperson of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education Sabina Chege

The government has set aside Ksh13.7 billion shillings to honour the teachers’ pay rise in the next financial year, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Select Committee on E*******n Sabina Chege has said. “The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) has been captured in the budget to forestall any attempts to interfere with the learning programme this year,” she said.

Speaking at Kahawa Wendani in Ruiru, Ms Chege pointed out that already a consultative meeting between the respective unions has been held and there will be no strike this year as the government is committed to keeping its promise on the CBA.

“After the current CBA is honoured the next review will be done in 2021 meaning that the government has managed to ward off any industrial unrests in the e*******n sector for the next 4 years,” she said.

In the recently negotiated CBA, it was agreed that P1 grade will be phased out and more than 100,000 teachers will consequently be promoted with effect from 1st July 2017.

The lowest paid primary school teacher will be taking home 27,195 while the lowest paid secondary school teacher will take home  Kshs 34,955 from the previous kshs  31,020 respectively

Ms Chege who was accompanied by the Deputy Director of Basic E*******n Sarah Kinyanjui also revealed that the government has scrapped activity fee levies in public schools to ensure that many children accessed basic e*******n.



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