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Bob Collymore Immortalized in New Festival

The late Collymore was famous for his love for jazz and even initiated the Safaricom Jazz Festival, which saw several of the world's biggest Jazz artists perform in Nairobi.

What Constitutes a Newsworthy Story? Bob Collymore’s Widow is Not Amused

Story detailing contents of the late Bob Collymore's wills iks Wambui Collymore. the widow of the late Safaricom Chief Executive

Here Cometh Kenyan CEO For Safaricom. Should We Be Worried?

The most successful company in the region - both in terms of profits and innovation - being led by one of our own is something to be proud of.

With New CEO, is Safaricom at War with Itself?

For the telco giant that was started in an apartment at Norfolk towers in the year 2000, it now seems like Safaricom is a house at war with itself.

Peter Ndegwa: Safaricom CEO’s Peculiar Shift From High to Hello!

Now Kenya’s leading mobile operator has a substantive CEO and - if it makes anyone happy - he’s a Kenyan.

Safaricom’s New Direction after Collymore, Data Bundles Court Case

Kenya’s most profitable company, Safaricom, has unveiled a new strategy committing to be simple, transparent and honest. After 19 years of operations, the company says that it is seeking to renew its commitment to its customers. Just months after the demise of the company’s CEO Bob Collymore,...